At DK-HP, we are able to create high-quality homepages, from new designs to design renewals, in accordance with our customers' needs.
We also support the creation of attractive websites, including maintenance management and utilization after the website is created.
Please feel free to contact us first!
Regarding prices, please refer to the business details.

Rough steps to create

We will contact you several times to discuss the details.
After submitting your quotation, we will ask you to think about it, and once you are satisfied with it, we will begin creating it.

Conditions prohibiting the use of the service

Requests from outside Japan (excluding those who are Japanese or can read and write Japanese).
Creating a site that may violate Japanese laws (because it uses a server in Japan).

An example of production

Bellvalley Co, Ltd

Services other than production agency

This is a Japanese service.
It may be difficult for those who cannot understand Japanese.